Ed Trolley

Designed by Daniel Lorch

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As an agile depot for mobile devices, such as notebooks, smartphones or tablets, as a coffee table with extra storage space, or as a spontaneous seat for visitors.

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Ed roll container is only folded. However, made of a single piece of sheet steel, 2 mm thick. With casters that can withstand up to 100 KG load. Which means you can place on Ed not only your cell phone and a wine glass, but also file folders and, if necessary, a surprise visitor – in case you have no more seating to offer.
As a side container, Ed conforms to all the standard formats you’re used to in the office, yet it’s not an office furniture like any other.

Let Ed roll into your life.

Manufacturer: L&Z / Designer: Daniel Lorch / Material: Steel sheet powdercoated, Plywood ash veneer / Measurements: L31,0 x D46,0 x H53,0 cm / Weight: 12,0 kg / Made in Germany / Details: Maximum loading up to 100 kg