Shipping & Handling


The delivery of the tabletops is carried out by our drivers to your front door. The transport to the floor is not included in the delivery price. However, our delivery staff will be happy to lend you a hand (and will be grateful for a tip). Therefore transport damages are virtually eliminated. We will inform you about the extact delivery and give you the contact details of our driver as soon as the delivery is planed.

E2 bases are sent in advance a few days by the manufacturer via UPS. Pin boards can also optionally be delivered inexpensively by a parcel service.

Shipping costs

All products except tabletops
< 50.00kg (Table tops)
50.00 € (basic price) incl. 19% VAT
50.00kg - 100.00kg (Table tops)
1.00 €/kg incl. 19% VAT
> 100.00kg (Table tops)
0.80 €/kg incl. 19% VAT

In a mixed order which consists out of products with and without shipping costs, the products with free shipping are excluded from the shipping weight.

Delivery times

Customized Linoleum tabletops: about 3-4 weeks
Flötotto Pro Chairs: 4-6 weeks
Canteen Legs: up to 3 months
Plusminus Shelf: 2-3 weeks
Ravioli Stool: 7 work days
Items in stock and other products: immediately